New Python Site Launched

Anyone who has an interest in the Python programming language might want to take a look at my latest site, I only have a few articles posted so far, but I am setting a goal of posting at least two articles a week. As someone whose forte is in C/C++ programming, I’m looking forward to using the site to further explore the world of Python.

HAProxy Load Balancing: Part One


HAProxy is an application offering high-availability, load balancing and proxying for TCP and HTTP-based applications. It is particularly suited for high traffic web sites, and is used by a number of high-profile websites including GitHub, Stack … [Continue reading]

Bandwidth Monitoring with BandwidthD

BandwidthD tracks usage of TCP/IP subnets and builds HTML files with graphs to display utilization. Charts are built for individual IP addresses, and by default display utilization over 2 day, 8 day, 40 day, and 400 day periods. Furthermore, each IP … [Continue reading]

Data Link Layer Advertising with ladvd


ladvd sends LLDP (Link Layer Discovery Protocol) advertisements on all available interfaces. This makes connected hosts visible on managed switches. By default, it will run as a privilege-separated daemon. In addition to LLDP, ladvd also supports the … [Continue reading]

ModSecurity: Part Two


In the previous article, we covered installation of ModSecurity and began configuration. In this article, we continue our look at configuration. We had covered the first five settings on the "Proxy Server Settings" tab. The next setting, the "Use … [Continue reading]

ModSecurity: Part One


ModSecurity is a open source toolkit for real-time web application monitoring, logging, and access control. It supplies an array of request filtering and other security features to the Apache HTTP Server, IIS, and NGINX. Its capabilities, among other … [Continue reading]

September 2014 Amazon Affiliate Purchases

Here are some of the products readers purchased through my Amazon affiliate links during the month of September 2014: EnGenius Technologies Long-Range Wireless-N Indoor AP/Bridge (ECB300) Mikrotik RB951-2N Wireless Router 802.11b/g/n NZXT … [Continue reading]

Greylisting Advantages and Disadvantages

In the previous two articles, we covered installation and configuration of spamd, a useful spam-referral daemon. In this article, we will examine some of the advantages and disadvantages of greylisting. The Greylisting Process Before we begin, it … [Continue reading]

spamd: Part Two


In our first article covering spamd, we covered installation and configured maximum blacklisted connections, maximum concurrent connections, greylisting and expiration times. In this article, we will continue configuring basic settings, and then … [Continue reading]

spamd: Part One


spamd is a ISC-licensed lightweight spam-deferral daemon which is part of the OpenBSD project. It works directly with SMTP connections and supports such features as greylisting and minimizing false positives. It should be fully functional on any … [Continue reading]

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