Aerocool Touch-2100 Review


Fan controller review: Aerocool Touch-2100

Front view of the Aerocool Touch-2100, with the display set to red.

Today’s fan controller review covers the Aerocool Touch-2100 is a 5-channel, 25 watt per channel fan controller with a touchscreen interface. It fits into 2 5.25″ drive bays. The touchscreen is large and colorful, and undoubtedly will be aesthetically pleasing in any gaming rig. It carries a relatively steep price tag (at the time this review was written, Amazon was selling it for $59.99). Therefore, you will want to make sure it meets your requirements before buying this unit.

The Touch-2100 allows the user to increase or decrease the speed of each of the fans manually. In addition, an alarm temperature can be set to a particular channel in order to monitor the increase in temperature for that sensor. Once the detected temperature exceeds the alarm temperature, the Touch-2100 will automatically increase the fan for that channel to the maximum speed. Once the temperature falls below the alarm temperature, the fan speed will revert to the manually set speed.

Inside the box is the fan controller itself, an instruction manual, and a power cable. On the front panel is the LCD touchscreen, and beneath are there are 2 USB 3.0 ports and a microphone and headphone jack. In addition to the fan and temperature sensors, there is a USB cable for the USB ports.

The Touch-2100 installs into a dual 5.25″ bay (although there may be a small gap). Once you have connected the controller the the PSU, connected the fans to the controller (it should be noted that the controller does not include any 3-pin to Molex adapters, so you will have to get your own if you want to use fans with Molex connectors), and place the sensors where you want them, you will be ready to use this unit.

One of the advantages of this controller is that once the cables are connected and the sensors are in place, everything else is configurable from the LCD touchscreen. To toggle between Celsius and Fahrenheit, you simply touch the C/F button (in the upper left of the screen). Touching the Color button (in the lower left corner) allows you to rotate through seven color selections (red, green, yellow, blue, purple, skyblue, white) plus the light off function. You may want to adjust the temperature alarm as well. To do that, touch the digits in TEMP2 for the appropriate channel. The digits will begin to blink, and pressing the + and – buttons on the left side of the touchscreen allows you to move the alarm temperature up and down. The default alarm temperature is 70º C. Touching the digits a second time causes the controller to memorize the new setting.

There are some issues with the display. First, the white looks more like lavender. Second, the display is hard to see when looking up at the touchscreen; it is apparently meant to be looked at from either the same level or a higher level (the products page for the Touch-2100 on the Aerocool website confirms that the best viewing range for the screen is from 15 to 45 degrees). Third, there is no way to lock the touchscreen so settings aren’t changed by accident.

Another point that should be addressed is that if you connect more than one fan to a channel (with a Y connector), all fans will feed back an RPM signal to the controller. This will result in erratic RPM readings. The way to solve this problem (other than putting the fans on a separate channel, or if another channel is not available, get a second controller) is to cut the yellow lead for all but one of the fans on the channel. That way, only one RPM signal will be fed to the controller (presumably, you want to keep the lead of the fan whose speed you want to monitor intact).

Other than these small issues, the Aerocool Touch-2100 is a solid fan controller, and with 25 watts per channel, should do the job. With 7 different display colors, you probably won’t have to worry about it not matching the color of your case. If you are willing to spend $59.99 on a controller and have two drive bays to spare, the Touch-2100 is a viable option.


Voltage Supply: +5V Range 4.6-5.4V / +12V Range: 11.5-12.V
Working Temperature: 0-50º C
Storage Temperature: -10º C-60º C
Humidity: 10-90%
Total Wattage Per Channel: 25W (When exceeding 25W, power will be shut off due to auto protection)

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