Kingwin Fan Controller Sighting


The Kingwin FPX-003.

Does this look familiar to you? I was browsing on Amazon, and I came across this product, which looked familiar to me. The reason for this was that I bought a virtually identical controller on eBay a few months ago; I even posted an article about it on this site. The Kingwin FPX-003 looks similar to the STW-022B, although the latter seems to have 3 USB ports in the front instead of the card reader. Kingwin only has 4 fan controllers on their website, though (versus 18 on the STW website), so I’m not really sure if Kingwin is STW’s American subsidiary. Kingwin does have several fan controllers, however, so hopefully I will be posting some reviews of them in the future.

Kingwin FPX-003 on Amazon

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