Lamptron FC8 Fan Controller Review


Lamptron FC8 Review

The Lamptron FC8, one of the few (only?) 8-channel fan controllers on the market.

The Lamptron FC8 is an 8-channel fan controller featuring a CNC-milled laser-etched front panel, a multicolor display, and 30 watts per channel. Each channel color is easily customized through a two push button system via the front panel. The FC8 also allows for customization by allowing users to assign a white, blue, green, cyan, red, purple or yellow LED to each channel (a feature which makes it unique among Lamptron fan controllers).

On the front panel, there are 8 potentiometers, one for each channel. There is also an LED for each channel. On the back of the controller and along the top there are 8 3-pin fan controllers, and below each of the fan controllers is a capacitor. Below these are the MOSFETs, and on the right there are wires leading to the 3 4-pin Molex connectors.

The FC8 is the first controller to use Lamptron’s new “Endurance Tech”, which is described on Lamptron’s website as meaning that the controllers are “made with the finest components available to give them extra endurance”. Apparently, this means that the controller has solid capacitors, which enables it to handle high wattages without overheating.

Unfortunately, the controller does not detect when a fan is stuck by sounding an alarm or by signaling it through the LEDs. The user also cannot tell when the fan starts spinning without looking inside the case. The controller can, however, bring the fans to a full stop by turning the knob all the way to the left, even though a residual amount of voltage passes through (less than 1 volt).

Still, for those who want an 8-channel fan controller, the FC8 is hard to beat. At a retail price for $69.99, it is not cheap, but is comparable in price to other Lamptron controllers. One consideration is that Lamptron’s FC Touch and retails for the same price. The FC Touch only has 6 channels, but anyone considering buying the FC8 may want to compare it with the FC Touch (also reviewed on this site) before making a purchase. The FC8 is not Lamptron’s most powerful fan controller, but with 240 watts of total power output, it is pretty close.

Scythe KM03 Specifications:

Dimension:  148.5mm*42.5mm*76mm(5.25″ Bay)
Power Output:  Up to 30 watts per channel
Control Channel:  8 Channels
LED Color Available:  White, Blue, Green, Cyan, Red, Purple, Yellow
Panel Color Available:  Black Anodized/Silver
DC Input:  3 X +12v (Standard 4 Pin Molex)
DC Output: 0V- 12V DC
Fan Connectors: 8 X 3-pin connectors
Recommend PSU wattage:  600w or higher


CNC Milled Front Panel
Laser Etched Logo and Channel Lettering
Customizable Channel LED’s
Up to 30 watts per channel

External Links:

Lamptron’s product page for the FC8


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