Xigmatek CSF-CBK33-U01 Review

Xigmatek CSF-CBK33-U01 Review

The Xigmatek CSF-CBK33-U01 (Mono-Cool)

The Xigmatek CSF-CBK33-U01 is a no-frills controller for controlling up to 3 fans. It has one channel and outputs a maximum of 10 watts. This is by far the simplest of controllers reviewed so far on this site, but if all you want is something that enables you to reduce the speed of the fans and thus lower the noise output, this may fit the bill.

The CSF-CBK33-U001 is shaped like an expansion card bracket and will fit into any available expansion slot on a PC. The circuitry is contained on a small PCB mounted onto the back of the bracket. Power input comes through a single 4-pin Molex connector, and the unit supports any fan with a 3-pin connector.

Once the controller is installed and connected to the PSU and fans, it will do the job. It should be mentioned, however, that even if the rheostat is turned all the way counterclockwise, the power to the fan will only be cut to 50 percent. This is a good safeguard, since no matter how low the controller is set, the fan will be running, and should be adequate if your main objective is to reduce fan noise. Still, if you want to be able to set the fan to a lower speed or turn it off completely, this controller will not do.

If you want a simple means of controlling up to 3 fans at a budget price (at the time this review was written, Amazon was selling it for $7.00), the CSF-CBK33-U01 may be just the thing. It can only handle 10 watts, so it may not be enough if your cooling requirements are substantial, but it is so cheaply priced, you could buy 2 of these and it would still be a cost-effective option.

Xigmatek CSF-CBK33-U01 Specifications:

Max Power: 10 W
DC Input: 12 V (Standard 4 Pin Molex connector)
Fan Connectors: 3
Plug Type: 3-Pin only
Included Accessories: 2x screws
Connections: 1x Molex
Max Combined Wattage: 10 Watts
Control Modes: Manual only
Fan Channel Quantity 1
Minimum Power To Fans: 50% (6-12 V)
Warranty: 1 year parts/labor

Xigmatek CSF-CBK33-U01 Features:

Total 10W DC output.
Design for 12V DC fan
Suitable for standard add-on card bracket
One Molex 4pin power cable for power supply
Design for 3pin cooling fan

External Links:

Xigmatek’s product page for the CSF-CBK33-U01


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