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pfSense scheduler

Schedule options in the pfSense web GUI.

The pfSense scheduler allows you to specify when firewall rules are enabled. Although they are primarily used with firewall rules, their generic design allows them to be used with other existing and future pfSense features. If a firewall rule specifies a schedule, the rule is only enabled during that time period.

Using the pfSense Scheduler

In this example, I will use the pfSense scheduler option to make the FTP server accessible only on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 11 AM to 6 PM.

First, browse to Firewall -> Schedules. We click the “plus” button to create a new schedule. Next, at “Schedule Name“, enter a schedule name (here, it could be “FTP_Hours”). At “Description“, we could also enter a description. At “Month“, click on Mon, Wed, and Fri to select those days. We could also select specific days by clicking on that day on the calendar (days will repeat every year). Clicking on a day of the week at the top of the calendar will apply the rule to that day every week, regardless of the month or year. For “Start Time“, specify 11 (11 AM), and at “Stop Time“, specify 18 (6 PM). At “Time Range Description“, you can enter a description. Then click on “Add Time”. Now the repeating time should be added to “Configured Ranges“. Click on “Save“, and then click on “Apply changes“, if necessary.

Features associated with a schedule will only be valid during the schedule specified. To associate a firewall rule with the schedule, edit an existing firewall rule, or create a new one. Under “Advanced features“, click on the “Advanced” button at “Schedule“. Now we can chose FTP_Hours as our schedule. Press the “Save” button to save the changes, and if necessary press the “Apply changes” button to apply the changes.

In Firewall -> Rules, you can check the Schedule column to see if scheduling has been invoked with a particular rule. Rules with active schedules show a green arrow in the schedule column. Rules with inactive schedules (meaning the rules which are disabled) show a red x in the schedule column. You can also go to Firewall -> Schedules to see if a schedule is active or not (active schedules will show a clock icon).

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