In Color
March 28th, 2009 by NumberSix

In Color

In Color

Cheap Trick’s second album had the same power pop appeal of its predecessor, only with a somewhat more radio-friendly sound, probably thanks in no small part to producer Tom Werman. The album starts off with “Hello There”, not so much a song as an one and a half minute introduction to the album, a kick-ass tune with punk appeal. “Big Eyes” is built around a heavy metal riff that could go toe to toe with the best that Black Sabbath and Deep Purple had to offer. “Downed” is a dreamy, psychedelic number with existential lyrics (“I’m gonna live on a mountain/Way down under in Australia/It’s either that or suicide/Its such a strange strain on you”). This gives way to the original version of “I Want You To Want Me”, a Beatles-esque music hall-inspired track that has a refrain that could rival any British Invasion song: “Didn’t I, didn’t I, didn’t I see you crying? Oh-oh, didn’t I, didn’t I didn’t I see you crying?” This gives way to the harder-edged “You’re All Talk”. Other highlights include “Oh Caroline”, the albums entry in the “Oh” trilogy (other entries were “Oh, Candy” on the previous LP and “Oh, Claire” on “Heaven Tonight”), “Clock Strikes Ten”, a sort of updated version of “Rock Around the Clock” about going out and having a good time, and “Southern Girls”, a homage to the Beach Boys’ “California Girls”. “In Color” follows the same template as Cheap Trick’s debut self-titled album, and the songs on this album are as good as the songs on the first album, and the band’s comprehensive knowledge of pop, as well as their sense of humor, is omnipresent.

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