A Girl That I Like
December 8th, 2011 by NumberSix

Cover art for Linus of Hollywood's "A Girl That I Like".

Cover art for Linus of Hollywood's "A Girl That I Like".

Kevin Dotson (born March 4, 1973) was born in Omaha, Nebraska and spent his formative years in Florida. He learned to play guitar at age five, and later learned to play bass, drums, and piano. When Dotson was twenty-one, he moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in music. By mid-1995, he formed the punk-pop band Size 14 (named after his shoe size). This band released an well-received album on Volcano Records in 1997. When the band broke up in 1998, Dotson began his solo career. He released his first solo album, “Your Favorite Record”, in August 1999. The album was recorded in Dotson’s bedroom recording studio and was held in high regard by most critics. His second album, “Let Yourself Be Happy” (2001), was generally not received as favorably as his first album, but received mostly favorable reviews. Dotson turned to production, producing such artists as Paul Gilbert, Bowling for Soup and Charlatans U.K. In October 2006, he released his third album, “Triangle”. He followed it up with two compilation albums: “Attractive Singles” (2008), which combined previously released tracks with some new ones and “Reheat and Serve” (2008), which contains twelve previously unreleased tracks. His next release was “A Girl That I Like”, a digital single released in March 2011. This is today’s featured single.

“A Girl That I Like” delivers what we have come to expect from Dotson: a delicately beautiful melody, accompanied by guileless lyrics: “There’s a girl that I like/ And she’s coming by at 12/Until then I’ll be countin’ down the time/And we’ve kissed a few times/I’m not sure what it means/But ever since, she’s always on my mind”. Dotson claims he wrote the song for a girlfriend, who once texted him, asking, “What are you doing?” He replied “I’m texting with a girl that I like”, and proceeded to use that as the title for a song, which he wrote in about fifteen minutes. “It just really captured a moment and a feeling.” Like many of Dotson’s compositions, “A Girl That I Like” is a heartrending, well-crafted pop song, one that has this fan looking forward to his next full-length album.

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