Review: NZXT Sentry Mesh

Sentry Mesh

  The NZXT Sentry Mesh is a 5-channel, 30 watt per channel fan controller. Its simple-yet-elegant design and its moderate price ($24.99) will appeal to PC users looking for a no-frills solution to controlling fans. The Sentry Mesh comes in a … [Continue reading]

Weekly Hardware Roundup: 5-17-2013

Raspberry Pi

  This article is the first in what I intend to be a regular Friday feature on this blog: a weekly hardware roundup, focusing on hardware for desktop and laptop computers. Raspberry Pi Camera Module Available The Raspberry Pi Foundation has … [Continue reading]

Electrical Fundamentals

AA Battery

  Since much of the subject matter relating to fan controllers requires a basic understanding of electrical power, I thought it might be edifying to review some of the basic concepts of electricity. Electric charge is a property of subatomic … [Continue reading]

Review: Lamptron FC-2

Fan Controller Buying Guide - Lamptron FC-2

  For those users who put power at a premium, the FC-2 may be the ideal solution. In an era when some fan controllers offer a mere 7 watts per channel, the FC-2 boasts a whopping 45 watts per channel, with a total of 6 channels. It is … [Continue reading]

Loud Fans, Power Reduction, and Other Reasons to Add Fan Control to a PC

Lamptron FC-Touch

  The hardcore gamer or computer hardware enthusiast likely does not need to be convinced that having some method of fan control is a good idea. The user who has already spent hundreds of dollars or even more on a high-end PC, a graphics card with … [Continue reading]